Climate Service Providers And Users' Needs Workshop

14 March, 2013 to 15 March, 2013
De Bilt

On March 14-15, the EUPORIAS workshop on 'Climate services providers and users' needs' was held at the Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute in De Bilt, The Netherlands. The workshop aimed to elicit and capture the knowledge of climate service providers working at the interface between climate science and users/decision-makers to further understand the needs for climate information on seasonal to decadal (S2D) timescales across European sectors cialis online india. Approximately 30 participants attended this 2 day workshop and included representatives from European climate services providers (ECMWF, National Meteorological Institutes, boundary organisations) and the workshop covered a number of sessions on different topics such as learning from other projects, exploring the range and experiences of users, understanding barriers and limitations, and understanding the chain of providing climate information. The workshop report is being produced and it will be posted here when ready.