Prototypes (blue) and case studies (grey) developed within EUPORIAS:

One of the most important and yet least developed components of the Global Framework for Climate Services (GFCS) is the Climate Users Interface Platform (CUIP). As described by the GFCS, the CUIP should provide the structure for users, researchers and data providers to interact and promote effective decisions, based on climate information. Below, you can find the online component of the CUIP developed in EUPORIAS. It provides easy access to the microsites corresponding to the different prototypes and case studies developed within the project. However, this only represents one of the many components of the aforementioned CUIP. In fact, alongside the microsites here presented, a number of user-specific workshops were held. On the one hand, they served as co-design hubs where new services and ideas could be developed and tested. On the other hand, they represented a way to engage with the users, understand their needs (beyond those addressed by the prototypes and case studies) and explore with them new opportunities for capacity building.
The deliverable 11.3 describes the approach EUPORIAS has followed to deliver the CUIP.

LEAP Prototype Ethiopia Food security More
LMTool Prototype Southwest UK Agriculture, land management, forestry More
RIFF Prototype Seine and Adour-Garonne catchments (France) Water management More
SPRINT Prototype UK Transport More
RESILIENCE Prototype Global Renewable energy (focus on wind power) More
CMTool Case-study Europe Health More
HSFS Case-study Angerman catchment (Sweden) Energy (hydropower) More
PROSNOW Case-study Savoy (French northern Alps) Winter tourism More
S-ClimWaRe Case-study Spain Water management More
SOSRHINE Case-study Rhine catchment (between Basel and Rotterdam) Inland waterway transport More
WRDSS Case-study Basque Country (Spain) Water resources and supply More