EUPORIAS prototype selection has been completed.

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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

On February 20 the EUPORIAS general assembly was finally able to select the five prototypes that will be developed over the course of the project.

Thank you to the three external reviewers for the recommendations provided regarding the 11 prototypes proposals submitted by partners. The quality of all proposals was outstanding making it a difficult decision for all of those involved. However, the idea of focusing on a few well-defined prototypes has been the basis of the project right from the beginning.

Our goal in the development of these prototypes is to demonstrate that climate information can be made more actionable by directly addressing users’ needs in both the development and delivery of climate services. The EUPORIAS consortium demonstrated a great deal of maturity in embracing the selected prototypes as they represent the best opportunity the consortium has to reach the project objectives. On top of the five prototypes being developed within EUPORIAS there will be another prototype whose development will be entirely funded by a stakeholder (ELSFORSK). This is excellent news as it demonstrates a great deal of commitment from the stakeholders. The prototypes that will be developed within the context of the EUPORIAS project are:

  • Winter conditions and its impacts on the UK transport network more info
  • Food security in Ethiopia and the LEAP model  more info
  • Land management and agricultural practices in the UK more info
  • Resilience of the renewable energy production more info
  • Hydroelectric energy production in Sweden more info
  • River management in two French basins more info