Aims And Objectives

  • To develop and deliver a reliable and trusted impact prediction system for two or three semi-operational prototypes. These will provide working examples of 'end-to-end' climate-to-impacts-to-decision-making services operating on the Seasonal and Decadal (S2D) time scales.
  • To assess and document key knowledge gaps and vulnerabilities of important sectors (e.g. Water, Energy, Transport, Food security, Health, etc.) along with the needs of specific user s within these sectors, through close collaboration with project stakeholders.
  • To develop a set of standard tools and techniques tailored to the needs of stakeholders for calibrating, downscaling, and modelling sector-specific impacts on S2D timescales.
  • To develop a knowledge-sharing protocol necessary to promote the use of these technologies.
  • To assess and document the current marketability of climate services in Europe.