Title Number Work Package Lead Beneficiary Delivery Monthsort descending Attachment
Provide methodology to calculate CIIs and their skill D22.2 WP22: Impact relevant climate information indices MeteoSwiss 36 D22.2_Final.pdf
Report assessing the benefit of this climate service prototype using historical events and hindcasts D42.2 WP42: Climate services prototypes IC3 36 D42 2_FINAL.pdf
Preliminary Guidance Document on the evaluation of the value of DMP D41.2 WP41: Climate Information and Decision Making Processes Météo-France 40 D41.2_Final.pdf
Report on the skill of downscaled seasonal hindcasts D21.1 WP21: Calibration and downscaling UC 42 D21.1_Final.pdf
Report on the added value of dynamical and statistically downscaled data D21.2 WP21: Calibration and downscaling SMHI 42 D21.2_Final.pdf
Report describing strategy on communicating level of confidence D33.5 WP33: Communicating levels of confidence UNIVLEEDS 42 D33 5_Final.pdf
Release impact forecast for the prototype services and produce analysis of its impacts D42.3 WP42: Climate services prototypes Met Office 42 D42.3_Final.pdf
Workshop reports including objectives, comparison of data supply and demand, feedback and conclusion D43.1 WP43: Stakeholder engagement Predictia 42 D43.1_Final.pdf
Report on usage of easy accessible media for dissemination project results to end users D44.3 WP44: Delivery tools FutureEverything 46
Report on the evaluation of the value of the DMP D41.3 WP41: Climate Information and Decision Making Processes UNIVLEEDS 46 D41.3 and 41.4_Final.pdf