WP22: Impact relevant climate information indices

3 - 48
WP leader: 
  • To generate a user-targeted collection of climate information indices (CII) to provide the best and reliable estimate of the current and upcoming climate. As such, they provide an easy to use alternative to sophisticated,
  • application specific impact models. The CIIs are selected in order to target applications defined by the case studies and user needs identified in WP 12;

  • To evaluate, implement and assess methods to calculate the CII. The methods will be based on CII specific, computationally efficient algorithms combining the S2D data with specific climatological observational data sets available to the users. The quality and value of the CII will be assessed from an end-user perspective;
  • To provide CII hindcasts and validation results to the case studies;
  • To make available to partners the methods and evaluation results so that they can be integrated in the prototype climate services;
  • To contribute to the optimal design and form of climate information for users and building the climate services envisaged in WP 42.