WP11: Assess sector-specific vulnerability

1 - 36
WP leader: 

Main Objectives: This WP will elaborate on vulnerabilities in the key sectors (energy, water, health, food security, infrastructure, forestry and tourism) and will design a bottom-up approach for identifying relevant vulnerability information for main European economic sectors. The WP will focus on the identification and analysis of sector-specific vulnerabilities based on an effective dialogue with stakeholders started early in the process and sustained throughout the project. It will contribute to (1) the identification of the relevant vulnerabilities (objective 2) for the case studies; and (2) support the advancement of the science underpinning the delivery of climate information for the most vulnerable economic sectors in Europe (objective 5). Specific Objectives:

  • To raise awareness of seasonal and decadal predictions and their limitations through a close interaction with a number or stakeholders
  • To identify critical sector specific vulnerabilities operating on seasonal to decadal time scale
  • To contribute to a prototype component of the CUIP (Climate User Interface Platform) within the GFCS (Global Framework for Climate Services) in terms of targeted vulnerability information and tailored data-flow in relevant European economic sectors for seasonal to decadal time scales