Final report on users’ needs for seasonal to decadal climate predictions

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Friday, February 6, 2015

The aim of this research was to assess and understand the current use (and  potential use) of seasonal to decadal climate predictions (S2DCP) across a range of  sectors in Europe To achieve that, a range of tasks were pursued including a  systematic literature review, an expert elicitation workshop with European climate  services providers, in-depth interviews with EUPORIAS stakeholders and other  users, and a European survey of users’ needs. This report draws on findings from the 80 interviews conducted and 450+ responses  to the survey. It covers a range of issues including the sensitivity of the organisations  to weather and climate events and their impacts, the use of weather and climate information, the current use (and potential use) of S2DCP in the organisations, and how they deal the uncertainty in climate information. Sector-specific information is also provided covering areas such as energy, water, transport, health, forestry,  agriculture, and tourism. The full report can be found here