FutureEverything CIC
United Kingdom
Role in the project: 

FutureEverything (formerly known as Futuresonic) is an art and digital innovation organization based in Manchester, England, founded in 1995 around an annual festival of art, music and digital culture. The organization runs year-round digital innovation labs on themes such as open data, remote collaboration, urban interface and environmental mass observation. FutureEverything presents an international art and innovation award, The FutureEverything Award, introduced in 2010. The FutureEverything festival each year presents the work of 300 artists across its art, music and conference strands, and is conceived as a 'living lab' for participatory experiments on art, society and technology. FutureEverything was Winner of the Lever Prize 2010. The founder and Artistic Director of FutureEverything is the English artist, curator and researcher Drew Hemment.