Institute of Physics and Meteorology, University of Hohenheim

Company description: 
Research institute working on seamless prediction of weather and climate from the nowcasting range using data assimilation of new remote sensing data to the climate projection range using dynamical downscaling of global projections.
Statement in support of the application: 
We are preparing a proposal on dynamical downscaling of seasonal forecasts over central Europe using the WRF-NOAHMP-HYDRO model system. The overarching goal is the development of end-to-end model systems for hydrological applications and applications in agriculture. The agricultural end-user model is based on a multi-agent system (MAS), which has already been coupled to the land-surface-atmosphere model. In this connection, we would like to use GloSea5 model output as forcing data for our model system. We are very interested in a collaboration and a comparison of our model output with other simulations and statistical methods. Furthermore, we are very interested in a collaboration how to involve stakeholders in the end-to-end modeling efforts and decision processes. For instance, we expect water use conflicts in connection with drought and flooding periods, which have not been sufficiently studied yet.
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