Data visualisation designer/artist required for EUPORIAS

Posted on: 
Thursday, May 22, 2014

EUPORIAS is seeking a data visualisation designer/artist to conduct research, design and build an interactive visualisation platform for a prototype climate service for the wind energy sector, based on probabilistic wind forecasts. The successful candidate will work as a part of a team led by IC3 in Barcelona and can develop the platform in a remote capacity, but will be required to attend numerous meetings and commit face to face consulting with partners. The IC3-led team are developing the prototype climate service (RESILIENCE) as a part of the EUPORIAS project.

The successful candidate will be managed by FutureEverything and collaborate directly with the IC3 team to create a visual interface that can successfully communicate probabilistic wind forecasts over varying space and time, and will ideally have experience in the visualisation of probabilistic information or a statistical background as a minimum. Different types of forecasts provided by IC3 will give a range of information tailored to the needs of decision makers in the wind energy sector, and every type of forecast comes with an associated validation score. The visualisation should clearly reflect both forecast type and its validation, with special attention to ensure that it can be understood by a general audience. The visualisation shall need to be creative and innovative, and also communicate a level of technical detail appropriate to a decision maker’s needs.

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