easyVerification – R package on github.com

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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

As part of the SPECS project on seasonal prediction, new ensemble verification metrics (fair scores and significance of scores) have been developed. In order to make best possible use of these new metrics, MeteoSwiss has developed the ‘easyVerification’ R package to facilitate the application of forecast verification metrics to large datasets such as the seasonal forecast ensembles used in EUPORIAS.


In addition to the forecast verification metrics provided through the ‘SpecsVerification’ R package, standard deterministic and probabilistic scores and skill scores have been implemented in ‘easyVerification’. The focus of the ‘easyVerification’ package is on flexibility and ease-of-use. For example additional verification scores can be easily added by the user and the package supports most array-based data structures used to store forecasts and verifying observations kamagra canada.


The ‘easyVerification’ R package is available from github.




To find out what scores and skill scores are available and to find out how to install and use the package, please go to https://github.com/MeteoSwiss/easyVerification/blob/master/README.md