Plan to integrate prototypes into existing architecture and dissemination protocols

The aim of Work Package (WP) 44 is to identify, develop, and maintain an interface which will allow an effective delivery of the climate services (prototypes) developed in WP 42 to both the general public and the relevant decision-makers. In this manner EUPORIAS goes beyond merely improving the reliability of the underlying prediction systems to enhancing the usability of these forecasts in practical applications.

The work package will therefore develop a services architecture that can act as an interface between the EUPORIAS climate service prototypes and existing climate adaptation portals. The purpose of this deliverable is to identify and formulate a suitable and flexible services architecture to be implemented for the EUPORIAS prototypes, as well as a plan for the development and delivery. This builds on the Deliverable 44.1 that provides an inventory of existing tools and portals and an overview of what the EUPORIAS climate service prototypes could usefully provide to the public. A general set of requirements are formulated and an API-based architecture is formulated to address these requirements.