Big changes on ECOMS-UDG

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Thursday, May 12, 2016

We are happy to announce that the GloSea5 hindcasts (two datasets, with 12 and 24 members, respectively) have been included in ECOMS-UDG (you may have received an automatic notification already).


The updated list of available datasets is at the ECOMS-UDG wiki

In addition, a major re-structuring of the R-interface software has been undertaken and the ecomsUDG.Raccess is superseded by loadeR.ECOMS.

Note that the old package will be no longer maintained. To install loadeR.ECOMS follow the instructions at

A new version of the related downscaleR package is also available:

More information in the ECOMS-UDG wiki:


UDG Manager 
University of Cantabria Meteorology Group (UCMG), Spain