Company description: 
The European Academy of Bozen/Bolzano (EURAC) is a private, non-profit​ research centre located in the heart of the Alps created in 1992. With a focus on mountain regions, but a vision that reaches to Europe and beyond, researchers come to EURAC from all over the world.​ Experts in law and natural sciences, linguists and geneticists collaborate with public and private agencies towards the resolution of some central issues of our day. Within the Institute for Applied Remote Sensing of the cluster ‘Mountains’, remote sensing techniques are being fused with interdisciplinary approaches for integrated environmental monitoring and assessment of mountain regions. One focus research area is the assessment of risks and vulnerabilities within the context of natural hazards and climate change.
Statement in support of the application: 
One research group of the EURAC’s cluster ‘Mountains’ deals particularly with the assessment of climate change vulnerabilities. Within the scope of this group’s activities we use climate related data and services. We further analyse these data for our purposes and we map the results in order to foster discussions about and decisions on adaptation options. Therefore we are interested in being informed about new developments considering climate service tools and we would like to be involved in discussion about how to best improve the design of such services in the future.
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