Current status of prototype development

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Monday, November 10, 2014

The EUPORIAS prototype climate services represent one of the main outcomes of the project. As expressed in the DOW, the prototypes are intended to be a way of demonstrating how climate information can be made relevant and useful by tailoring it  to the needs of well-identified decisions of specific users. To ensure that such a tailoring takes  place; EUPORIAS has adopted a non-standard approach and selected the prototypes through an internal competition based on a set of well-defined criteria and the advice of an external panel of experts. The selection process took several  months to complete and has resulted in the selection of five prototypes covering sectors as diverse as  freshwater management for Paris, and international food aid. In parallel, EUPORIAS has decided to support a series of case-studies covering some of the proposals that did not get selected as  prototypes and also to explore the possibility of a prototype in support of WMO Regional Climate Centres (RCCs) for Europe.

A report summarising the aim of the six prototypes has just been released.

The prototypes focus on: winter transport in the UK, water resources in France, hydroelectric production in Sweden, livelihood in Ethiopia, wind power production in the north Sea and winter land management in Devon.

The report also provides a detailed description of the proposed work, the flow of information and communication strategy and the current status as well are provided.